Thursday, December 9, 2010

a world of concealers

The world today is full of misleading concealers.  Women are told from an early age to conceal the real them.  We have to be tall, skinny, and beautiful.  My daughter is only ten and already talks about her outer features daily.  She is concerned about her weight and the whiteness of her teeth.  Why does the industry do this to us?  I love makeup and fashion, but I also believe that if you are ugly on the inside then you are ugly on the outside.  We need to teach our future women leaders that it is okay to love makeup and fashion, but you have to be genuine and empathetic towards others.  Makeup should not be used for concealing, but for enhancing what you have and embracing your uniqueness.  We are not supposed to be perfect.  It is the things that are different and unique that make us beautiful.  I have spent the last ten years of my life searching for the person I am "supposed" to be, my purpose so to speak.  I missed out on alot by analyzing everything.  I am who I'm supposed to be and my purpose is to raise my kids and teach them what they need to know to raise their kids.  I think the reason I was doing so much searching is because I did not have anyone there for me growing up who was preparing me for my life.  Every adult around me growing up failed me in that aspect.  Yes it is a shame that nobody wanted to do that for me and it did set me back in teaching my own kids, but nevertheless I have figured it out.  It took me a little longer than most, but now I am here and ready to make a difference in the lives of all the girls and women who feel they are not perfect and need to conceal something.  Lets work on enhancing and showcasing our inner and outer beauty.  For the sake of our

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