Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: Maybelline Luminizing Eyeshadow

I went out and purchased the new Maybelline shadow that is all the rage.  I got two of them, Caffeine Rush and Amethyst Ablaze.  I used the Caffeine Rush today and I have to say, it is quite lovely when you're in the sunlight.  The colors are beautiful and shimmery.  It has four colors and a luminizing topcoat.  They are very silky and have pretty good pigmentation.  Once you apply them you use the shimmery topcoat over it and "shazamm" you have luminescence.  The only tiny con of this is that the topcoat is very flaky and does get all over your face.  It is almost like a glitterry paste type concoction. I had to wash my lower facial area after I did my eyes, so if you can I would suggest doing your eye makeup first and then the rest of your face.  I am surprised at the popularity of this new product.  I had to go to two different places because the first one was sold out and the second place only had a couple left.  They are all gorgeous and if I could pull them all off I would buy them, but I am so not a risk taker...poo on me.  They are a bit on the pricey side, I paid $8.99 for them at Wal-Mart, but if you are into make up then you know most of it is not cheap.  I would definitely recommend you give this a try, I am positive you will love the way it shimmers in the sunlight and even indoor lighting.  The ads I see in the magazines are a bit off, they do not emit a glow like that, but they are quite shimmery.  This picture does it no justice at all, so sorry, but my webcam kinda sux and my Nikon coolpix does not capture it well either.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

teenagers suck

So my kids, ages 12 and 13, have decided they are going to take over.  They act like complete jerks towards everyone all the time.  It makes me so mad because I can't do anything to stop their ridiculousness.  They are now bigger than me and stronger, not that it should make a difference, a friend of mine has a son who is 6' tall and she is short as all get out and her son quivers at the first sign of discipline from her.  How did she obtain this wonderful gift of fear in her kid and mine just laugh when I threaten to beat them senseless?  It is sooooo unfair, but alas, I know it is my fault essentially.  I was determined to raise my kids the total opposit of my experience and now they have no respect, no drive, no obedience and most of all, no future if I don't fix this quick.  Their favorite words are "don't care" and "oh well".  I am debating a boarding school or military boot camp.  They are in desperate need of some major discipline in their life and I obviously lack that skill.  The time has come to admit that I am defeated by mere teenagers and hand the reigns over to someone else.  If anyone has any suggestions I am open to them. Advice is more than welcome.  It IS going to end soon or I fear my next step is packing my bags and abandoning my family.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: EOS Lip Balm

I recently just joined the new movement of amazing lip balm.  The EOS lip balm is one amazing product.  I got the Honeysuckle/Honeydew and Summer Fruits.  I have to say both are great and have the most delicious smell and feel.  When you first open yours it will seem strange that your lips balm is in the shape of a sphere and you will wonder how it will go on without coating the entire area around your lips, but have no fear because you will see it it actually better.  If you make a slight "o" shape with your mouth around the top of the product and glide it across it coats only your lips and does them both at once.  Very time efficient and so much fun to do also.  It feels like silk and smells so good.  I have discovered that even without it now my lips feel more hydrated and look better overall.  If you are someone who has chapped lips often this is a good investment for you.  With the winter months coming around it will be a staple in my life.  I paid $2.99 for mine at Walgreens after a $.50 cent coupon.  It is a little on the pricey side, but it will last forever and you will soon find out it is worth every penny.  I apply mine several times a day and have barely made a dent in it yet.  Its outer packaging is just as fun with its cute little egg shape sphere.  The container itself feels like cashmere and the pastel colors are pretty.  I will definitely continue my use of this product and plan on trying the rest of their line which includes hand lotion, body lotion and shave cream.  These products are 95% Organic and 100% Natural with the added bonus of being Made in the USA.  Ladies and gentlemen this is one product that will not disappoint you, ever.  As soon as I try the other EOS products I will be leaving my review of them too.  This lip balm made me smile...will it you?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A world of revealers

     After you decide to quit concealing the bad, maybe we can reveal the good.  Make-up is not only a cover up, but also a good way to bring out your best features.  Once you accentuate the outside the inside will fall in line.  When I apply make-up I know I am allowing myself to feel better on the inside.  I look in the mirror and see what others will be seeing when I go out and it gives my self esteem a boost.  That in turn raises my confidence and I feel like I can conquer any task I apply myself to.  If we could just teach the female race at a young age that our differences are what makes us beautiful and when we learn to accentuate them we in turn will feel beautiful.  Females have the potential to rule the world if we just exert all the confidence I know lies inside us all.  I plan to teach you how to do just that by learning the proper way to apply make-up.  Cover the bad, uncover the good...