Sunday, January 9, 2011

A world of revealers

     After you decide to quit concealing the bad, maybe we can reveal the good.  Make-up is not only a cover up, but also a good way to bring out your best features.  Once you accentuate the outside the inside will fall in line.  When I apply make-up I know I am allowing myself to feel better on the inside.  I look in the mirror and see what others will be seeing when I go out and it gives my self esteem a boost.  That in turn raises my confidence and I feel like I can conquer any task I apply myself to.  If we could just teach the female race at a young age that our differences are what makes us beautiful and when we learn to accentuate them we in turn will feel beautiful.  Females have the potential to rule the world if we just exert all the confidence I know lies inside us all.  I plan to teach you how to do just that by learning the proper way to apply make-up.  Cover the bad, uncover the good...

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