Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: EOS Lip Balm

I recently just joined the new movement of amazing lip balm.  The EOS lip balm is one amazing product.  I got the Honeysuckle/Honeydew and Summer Fruits.  I have to say both are great and have the most delicious smell and feel.  When you first open yours it will seem strange that your lips balm is in the shape of a sphere and you will wonder how it will go on without coating the entire area around your lips, but have no fear because you will see it it actually better.  If you make a slight "o" shape with your mouth around the top of the product and glide it across it coats only your lips and does them both at once.  Very time efficient and so much fun to do also.  It feels like silk and smells so good.  I have discovered that even without it now my lips feel more hydrated and look better overall.  If you are someone who has chapped lips often this is a good investment for you.  With the winter months coming around it will be a staple in my life.  I paid $2.99 for mine at Walgreens after a $.50 cent coupon.  It is a little on the pricey side, but it will last forever and you will soon find out it is worth every penny.  I apply mine several times a day and have barely made a dent in it yet.  Its outer packaging is just as fun with its cute little egg shape sphere.  The container itself feels like cashmere and the pastel colors are pretty.  I will definitely continue my use of this product and plan on trying the rest of their line which includes hand lotion, body lotion and shave cream.  These products are 95% Organic and 100% Natural with the added bonus of being Made in the USA.  Ladies and gentlemen this is one product that will not disappoint you, ever.  As soon as I try the other EOS products I will be leaving my review of them too.  This lip balm made me smile...will it you?

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