Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Influenster Beauty Blogger Vox Box 2012

     I received the Influenster Beauty Blogger Vox Box and it was filled with all sorts of goodies that I definitely fell in love with.  For starters, the mini Bath and Body Works mini candle was so delightful I had mine completely burnt out in less than a week.  I received the Pumpkin Cupcake scent and I must say it was so heavenly delicious that even my hubby enjoyed it.  That is a miracle because he normally is not into pumpkin type scents, but the mix of the cupcake with it made it a keeper.  I headed straight to B&BW to use my coupon that came in my box, which made the price of the big candle half price at $10 and I was allowed to use it for up to a total of five candles.  My local store did not have to Pumpkin Cupcake, but I managed to find a few other scents that were just yummy.  I am giving this candle a 10 out of 10, but I love B&BW candles in general too, I have been a fan of them since they came out.

     Next I have to mention the Kiss Ever Pro Lashes starter kit.  I am one of those girls who loves the look of thick, long and voluptuous lashes, but I really suck at applying falsies.  I even bought one of those tools by Revlon that is made to apply them, you know the little square contraption with on curved side that supposedly fits the curve of your eye?  You pinch it together with the lashes in the curved side, almost like a tweezer type contraption, but shaped different.  This device did nothing to help me, but the little pink almost tweezer shaped tool that came in this Kiss kit was so easy to use and I have been applying falsies like no ones business.  I really like the lashes too, they are thick and long and they make my eyes pop.  All in all I give this kit a 10 out of 10. 

     The next thing on my list is the Boots No. 7 Beautiful Skin samples of the Skin Cleansing Balm and the Night Cream.  I usually do not change up my face cleansing routine much because it upsets my skin and causes me to get irritated and break out.  I decided for the greater good to test these out and boy am I glad I did.  These arrived just in time for my "winter skin".  This means my face gets dry and chapped and no amount of moisturizer will help with it.  I used the cleanser in the shower and it was different from any cleanser I have ever tried before.  It did not foam up, it was just a creamy, thick lotion like substance that felt really good on my sore skin.  When I got out of the shower I applied the night cream, which I did not use only at night, I used it all different times.  This cream too was very thick and creamy and felt so soothing on my skin.  I had to purchase it of course because I have NEVER had anything make my skin feel hydrated in the cold winter months.  I bought my full size products on and they really were not too high priced.  The Cleansing Balm was $8.49 for 5oz and the Night Cream was $13.99 for 1.6oz.  The cleansing balm came in a tube, but the night cream came in really pretty glass jar.  I am still using these products and I love them.  These products also get a 10 out of 10.

     The box also contained the Spin Pin by Goody.  This is an innovative and very cool product and it did work the way it was meant to on my daughters hair.  My hair however is SUPER thick and the two pins would not hold it no matter where I placed them.  I am not going to say I dislike them, but I wish they made bigger ones for thick hair like mine.  These pins are super cool and I love the concept and quick, easy use of them.  My daughter can easily throw her hair up and twist these is without my help, she is 12yrs old.  I am going to give these an 8 out of 10 only because I was not able to use them myself, but they are a handy invention.

     I also received the NYC New York Color IndividualEyes palette.  It contains four eye shadow colors, a primer and an illuminator.  I love the fact that this is an all-in-one product and easy to travel with.  I also love the colors I got which was Dark Shadows, which is a dark charcoal gray, a medium charcoal gray, a silver, and a white brow bone highlight shade.  These colors are perfect for winter and look good on any eye color, but it took a lot of digging to get enough color on my lids.  The pigmentation is good, but the color payoff takes a little work.  The primer made the shadows last all day and the illuminator really brightens up the inner and outer corners of your eyes.  I am giving this a 7 out of 10 because the shadows took some work to build up the color on my eyelids enough to get the look I was going for.

     Last I received the Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Cream.  I was very excited to see this in my box because I have wavy, frizzy, unruly hair.  When I apply a gel or mousse I can get nice curls out of my hair, probably a side effect of all those perms I got as a  The sample size was 1.5oz and seemed like it would have 2 or 3 uses in it, but once I started applying it I noticed it felt as though it was being absorbed by my hair.  My hair was just out of the shower and towel dried and I can "feel" when I have enough of a product in it as I apply.  This was a cream product, not sticky at all which I did like, but I never felt like I had any of it in my hair.  I used a few handfuls and dried my hair with a diffuser while scrunching it at the same time.  Once it was dry it felt soft, but also like I had a silicone type residue on it.  It was not curly or wavy, but somewhere in between and I could not comb through it.  I tried again the next day using a bit less and had the same effect.  I did love the scent of this and I like the fact that it is not sticky, however it did absolutely nothing for my hair, but make it feel gross and I will not purchase a full size of this.  I am giving it a 5 out of 10.

     So that's it for my Beauty Blogger Vox Box.  I hope you gained a little insight into some of these products if you have been curious about any of them.  All in all I was very happy with this box and I think Influenster gave us a good mix of beauty products to test.  If you would love to test out products for free and have loads of fun while doing it, go to their website or comment below and leave me your E-Mail and I will send you an invite!

*Disclaimer:  I did receive these products complimentary from Influenster for testing and review.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Influenster Review: Palmolive Fresh Infusions

     I just want to start out by saying WOW!!!  I love this dish soap so much that I have "officially" replaced my preference to Dawn.  This soap lathers up something fierce and the scents are all amazing.  It leaves my dishes clean and spot free and it definitely cuts grease out fast.  I started out partial to the "Lime Basil" scent, but the other day I switched it out for the "White Tea Ginger" and I have to say I am loving it too.  It smells way better as it lathers than it does in the bottle.  I do not have a dishwasher so I have to wash by hand and I have not had any problems with my skin feeling dry afterwards.  It is gentle on skin, tough on grease and grime.  This soap retails for $2.96 for a 16 oz bottle which is a bit pricey for such a small size.  Dawn does not have a 16 oz size that I could find, but in they do market a 20 oz bottle of  their "Power Clean" for $2.74.  I have seen the Fresh Infusions at my local WalMart and Target.
     In comparison of the two I have noticed that Dawn does not produce nearly as many suds and for some reason I like a ton of suds, it makes me feel like I am getting a good clean.  I also noticed that I applied lotion more often after I washed my dishes with Dawn than I have with the Palmolive.  Now as far as that price difference goes, Palmolive does have "cheaper" versions of their dish soaps, but I also took into consideration that one squeeze of Palmolive will lasts longer than Dawn because I would have to keep adding more soap to my sponge with the Dawn. In regards to that it makes the Palmolive last longer which in turn means you buy it less often, so it is cheaper in the long run.  I gave my mom the "Lemon Thyme" scent and she has said the same things about it as I have and she has been a Dawn user for as long as I remember.  She is the reason I began using Dawn once I was out on my own.  
    I am going to continue purchasing the Palmolive Fresh Infusions.  The only issue now will be which scent to pick...

Here is a link to the Palmolive website:

*Disclaimer* I received this product from Influenster for free to test, review and give my "honest" opinions about.