Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Influenster Cosmo VoxBox!!!!!

     I received the Influenster Cosmo VoxBox for review and I must say it is my favorite so far.  It had the following products in it:  Gillette Venus Razor w/ Olay refill, Pilot Frixion Pen, Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape Chocolate Bar (yummy) and Forever Red Perfume by Bath & Body Works.
     I was already an avid and devoted user of the Gillette Venus razor, but had yet to try the Olay refill cartridges.  At first it was the most amazing and luxurious feeling in the world.  It glided along my skin like butter in the shower and there was no friction or irritation and afterwards my legs were left so soft ans silky smooth that even my husband was pleased.  However after just three uses the top strip of moisturizer fell apart and came off of the razor while the bottom one held on until the next shave.  So by the fourth use both moisture strips had fallen completely off the razor.  I was so sad and disappointed because I had such high hopes for this amazing product.  I am glad I did not have to spend the near $10 to find this out though.  I am still using the razor as my "in between" big shaves, like for my armpits and "touch ups", but I am back to my regular old Venus cartridge which does not have the flimsy strips like the Olay one.  I will never stop using this razor, but I will not be wasting my money on the Olay cartridge.
     The Pilot Frixion pens have become a staple in my life now for writing everything from my grocery list to notes for videos and everything in between.  I received a red and black, both good basic colors for everyday use and I have enjoyed using them.  They write smooth and I have yet to have one skip or dry out.  The best feature of these is the ability to correct any mistakes with their rubber tip that is not your typical eraser.  It is a solid rubber, not the wear away one of typical erasers and it is so convenient for someone like me who is a perfectionist and I will rewrite a letter until it looks perfect to me.  The tip never wears down and it does not smear the ink around either.  It leaves a clean slate to fix your mistakes as many times as you like.  I did go out and purchase the 3 pack with a red, blue and black color in it so I don't have to worry about running out of my new favorite pen for awhile.
     Next up was a product that ruined my New Year's resolution without so much as a blink of an eye.  The Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape chocolate bar was so mouthwatering and decadent that I now keep a stash of them in my bedside table for those late night chocolate cravings.  At first I was skeptical about how chocolate and salt was going to taste, but I do eat the sweet and salty trail mix so I gave it a shot and I was floored at how creamy and wonderful this flavor combo was.  It is not over done with salt, but every so often you take a bite and you taste that hint of salt and it surprises you.  That in conjunction with the almond bits made my day a bit brighter because I am an almond lover already too.  Ghirardelli certainly hit the nail on the head with this one in my opinion.
     Last I found a small bottle of Forever Red Perfume by Bath and Body Works.  I thought it was a sample, but it turns out that Influenster gave us all the actual small size sold at B&BW for $10, totally awesome.  I do not have certain type of perfume smell that I fancy more than others so I am always willing to try new ones.  This perfume is so tantalizing that I literally felt like I was in another world for a few second after smelling it.  The blend of fiery red pomegranate and delicate French peach combined with soft petals of red osmanthus give way to notes of addictive velvety marshmallow and a surprising finale of rich vanilla rum left me wanting to buy every bottle in the world so I never have to go without it.  This perfume is my new favorite and the only one I have worn since receiving it.  I bought the bigger bottle at B&BW, but even that is almost gone too.  My hubby says I have a real problem with this stuff and may need to find a therapist, but I don't care.  Besides, he likes the smell on me so why does it matter?  I don't know what I would do if they discontinued this scent, but for now I am currently prowling E-Bay to find it for a little cheaper and stock up as many as I can.
Thank you for reading and supporting me...I love you all!!  :)

**Disclaimer**  I was sent these products for review complimentary from Influenster, but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

If you want to join the fun at Influester, here is the link:  http://www.influenster.com/

Here are the links to all of the products I mentioned above:

Gillette Venus Razor w/ Olay refill:  http://www.gillettevenus.com/en-US/products/collection/venus-olay/

Pilot Frixion Pen:  http://www.pilotpen.us/Brands/FriXion.aspx

 Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape:  http://www.ghirardelli.com/store/shop-products/collections/gourmet-milk/gourmet-milk-sea-salt-escape-bar.html

Forever Red Perfume by Bath & Body Works:  http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=17029796&cm_sp=FO-_-Body+%26+Bath-_-Forever+Red