Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun Friday: Weekly Haul TIme! All Drugstore..AGAIN!

Friday, February 7, 2014

DIY Makeup Brush Holder: Re-purpose those Glossyboxes and Water Bottles

Hey beauties!  I have a rather exciting post today and hopefully it will make up for my extended absence.  I just ordered a ton of makeup brushes because I only have the bare minimum and I am always washing them. So I did some research and went a little overboard.  I also realized I did not have extra space for them and my current brush holders are full. I was looking for some brush holders to purchase or just some cute containers, but nothing really appealed to me so I got on pinterest and looked for some DIY holders. I found one that kinda interested me, but I needed to put my own spin on it. So was born my idea to re-purpose my HUGE stack of Glossyboxes and the HUGE bin of water bottles that I am collecting just for fun apparently. I took pictures of each step and the finished product, but you can put your own personal touches on this if you try.

I used the following items to make my holders:
                            1.  Glossyboxes, Birchboxes, Shoe Box or anything similar
                            2.  Water bottles or empty toilet paper or paper towel cardboard
                            3.  Scissors
                            4.  Razor blade
                            5.  Hot glue gun
                            6.  Ribbon
                            7.  Duco cement and/or super glue

First get your scissors and razor blade and cut the tops and bottoms off of the water bottles. (FYI:  After I finished I realized I did not have to cut off the bottoms of the bottles, but you can if you want to).  You can make them however tall or short you want them.  I made some taller and some shorter to hold all the different sizes of makeup brushes I own. Try and make them as even around the edges as you can so they sit right when you place them inside the box.

After this step I found some leftover spray paint from a previous home improvement project and I painted the pieces I would be using.  I used a "Frosted Glass" effect paint, but again you can use whatever color or option you want.

I let these sit and dry for about a half an hour and then on to step three, which is gluing the ribbon onto the tops of the bottles.  I used the ones that came with my Glossyboxes, but again, you can use your own choice. This step requires the hot glue gun and be warned that it will melt the edges a tiny bit so be careful not to touch the gun to the bottle.  I started with what I wanted to be the backs and put a dollop of glue then placed the ribbon and followed with a dollop on each side of the bottle.  I then criss crossed the ribbon over itself in the front and glued it down.  I did all three so the glue had a chance to set before I tied the bows.

Now I tied the front into cute little bows and trimmed the tails to the length I wanted.  I also glued the bows into place so they would not come untied later on down the road.

Now you can place them into your box.  I put the shorter ones in front and taller ones in back.  I placed one at a time in and spread some Duco cement around the outer and inner bottom edges.  I then took my hair dryer and used it to speed up the setting time of each one so I wouldn't have to wait forever between each one. 

This is pretty much it.  I did wait about an hour before I put my brushes in to make sure the glue was completely dry in the bottom. Wouldn't want your brushes sticking to the box. You can add some "filling" into each cup if you choose (like small rocks or beads) to hold the brushes in place, but I opted not to because I have so many brushes that I need all the space I can get.  The following pictures only have about half of my collection in the cups because I wanted you to be able to see it all clearly.

The end result is so cute and girly.  I couldn't have gotten anything better in a store and I really want to make some did take a little over an hour, but it is so worth it to look at this everyday.  I hope you girls try this out and put your own personal touches on it and make it your own.  You will love it and as long as you don't have like 500 brushes this should hold all of them in one place.  I have about 60 total and they all fit in here just fine. I would love to see pictures too if any of you try it! Good luck and have fun!