Saturday, March 1, 2014

Review and Swatches: Nyx-- Eat, Love, Be Fab Palette

I have been eyeing these new Nyx palettes since they debuted last year. I have a few Nyx palettes, but had not purchased any of these "revamped" ones.  Let me say that I am a huge fan of Nyx because the quality is usually pretty consistent and the price point is fantastic.  Their "Pore Filler" is a staple in my collection as well as many of their round lipsticks (Alabama...<3).  The price on these "Love in Florence" palettes are around the $8 mark, but I found mine at Target on clearance for $4...amazing!  The packaging is too cute for words! This line of palettes are all in shiny black plastic cases with little black bow closures and I love them!  Okay, on with the review...

The feel of these shadows are all very different.  The first "light brown" shade is very powdery and soft, a little hard to build up, but okay.  It is a satin finish.  The second "peachy" shade was the main reason I was drawn to this palette, but upon swatching I was a bit disappointed.  It takes a good digging in to get enough color for a good swatch, but on the lid it applies decently, still not as shabam as I had hoped.  The third "medium brown" shade is matte and also not real easy to swatch, but is a great "any look" crease color to have. It looks quite nice blended out in the crease, so don't be discouraged!  The fourth "emerald" shade was the second reason I wanted this palette and this color totally made up for the other shades.  This color is freakin' AMAZING!  It is slightly metallic, but not scary.  The color payoff is sooooooo gorgeous! It is my favorite color in this palette and looks beautiful on the lid by itself with the "medium brown" shade blended into the crease.  The last "dark brown" shade in here is matte, but appears to have gold glitter specks in it.  These specks do not transfer in the swatches or onto the eye when I blended this into my outer v.  It is another great staple matte shade that is good to have in general.

I feel that wear time is up to par with any other shadows I have and that is mainly due to the fact that I ALWAYS wear a good primer for my base (Benefit "Stay, Don't Stray")  I didn't feel the need to test these without a primer because most of us girls wear primer under our shadows...right???  The quality and price point are both on point and I will definitely be checking out some of the other selections in this adorable packaging!

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