Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer

     I was perusing the makeup aisles at Walmart, big surprise, when I happened upon a display of new NYC lippies. These are the Expert Last Lip Laquers and they were $3.57 each. There were a total of 12 shades and I have 5 to show you. I have been getting onto liquid lipsticks and I thought that is what these were and they are, kinda. They have the thickness and pigmentation of a liquid lipstick, but they do not set to that "plastered to your lips" finish. They stay nice and creamy and last for about 3-4hrs without eating/drinking.

     The names are super cute and all "New York" related. The entire range is beautiful and I will probably end up with the rest of the collection because I am a beauty junkie and in my mind I just HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!!  

The shades I chose were "203 FiDi Fuschia", "204 Central Park Passion", "400 Big City Berry", "500 Rockaway Ruby",  "700 Tribeca Mocha". 

     My two favorite shades are Rockaway Ruby and FiDi Fuschia.  Both are SO pretty for summer!

     I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post.  I give these a 9/10 and highly recommend you picking up a shade or two for the summer!

**DISCLAIMER: I paid for these with my own money. This is not a sponsored post.

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