Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pure Affinity Anti-Aging Moisturizer

     Anti-aging??? When did 36 become old? I have not, until this last six months, worried about "anti-aging" skincare. I certainly do not "look" old, but my body is feeling totally the opposite. I am always stiff and sore and I get tired by four o'clock in the afternoon...lol. My body is aging while my mind is stuck in my twenties.

     My skin has been acting like it is bi-polar lately and I have been trying out different skincare products to see what will get it back to normal. What is "normal" for skin? Moisturized, no break-outs, soft, diminished pores. Isn't that what we all want?  So, anti-aging products it is from now on.

     The first moisturizer I have been trying out is the Pure Affinity Anti-Aging one. I recently got hooked up with some Facebook groups and other websites that offer free or largely discounted products in exchange for honest reviews. It is so much fun and I have been taking advantage of it! I saw this product on Tomoson and decided to apply for it. Obviously I was approved...lol.

     This moisturizer is white and thick. It feels so creamy as you rub it into your skin and it makes me want to keep adding more and more because it just feels so darn good! Don't add too much! You will want to, but trust me--you don't want to do that. Your skin will feel very tacky afterwards and you will have to go wash your face and start over. If you use just a tiny dot on each section of your face though it will spread and moisturize your whole face. As they say, "a little goes a long way".

     This moisturizer contains matrixyl, witch hazel, shea butter, green tea and peppermint oil. It does have a light peppermint scent to it which I do not care for, but it doesn't linger. I personally prefer my moistirizers to be fragrance free because I do not see the need to have your face smell and sometimes the fragrance can be irritating to the skin. This product hasn't irritated my skins so far, but I don't have overly sensitive skin either. It costs just under $25 which is affordable for skincare when compared to luxury brands that cost twice as much and more. You get 1oz of product and that may seem very small, but it only takes one pump to do my whole face and one pump to do my neck/chest. I am sure it will last a month or two at this pace. In my opinion it is definitely worth a try at the current price point. I have included a link below if you are interested in this product.  

**I receive a discount on this product in exchange for an honest review**

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  1. Iam 26 do u think i have to get into this antiaging i have recently have got into cleansing toNing moustrising coz i had very oily skin in my teenage and i thought i only neede a face wash but the internet has helped me much. I have some breakouts on my skin here and there and pores also i am a lot into natural home remedies.